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What Our Ambassadors Are Saying

Matt, Finance

"I ran out of qualified friends to refer years ago, so I figured why not give Purple Squirrel a shot."

Sean, Marketing

"I’ve been interviewing candidates chosen by HR for years.  I've now spoken with four people I chose on Purple Squirrel, referred one, and the employee referral bonus paid for my vacation to Belize.  Not bad."

Deja, Sales

"Our HRBP sends too many weak candidates, and we needed to hire someone fast.  I joined Purple Squirrel because I knew I could do the job better myself."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I charge if I create a public profile?

Alumni Profiles are set at $0, but if you create a public profile you can decide how much your time is worth. However, for your first three engagements, we strongly recommend setting a competitive rate of $20 so you can gain practice and earn reviews.  You can adjust your rate at any time after that.  We provide tips in the sign-up process to help you arrive at the best possible rate.

What if I don’t have much experience interviewing?

Purple Squirrel’s Ambassador Guide can help anyone become an effective and valuable recruiter. Keep in mind that the average recruiter sets the bar pretty low. In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, business executives rated recruiters at a D+ and recruiters themselves only rated themselves as a C-.   Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing each resume.  So despite all the training and resources poured into corporate recruiting, between 30% and 50% of all recruiting efforts are classified as failures. Learn how to become a great Ambassador and a better than average recruiter with our Ambassador Guide.

If I accept an engagement, what is expected of me?

Each engagement is 30 minutes in length. The Ambassador is expected to call the job seeker at the appointed time and a phone number will be provided when a booking is requested. Job seekers are supposed to include a message when they book explaining what help they need and what they hope to get out the engagement. You can also send messages to job seekers before your engagement when any clarification is needed.  For more information on how to prepare for and lead a great engagement (and earn positive reviews), we strongly recommend reading our Ambassador Guide.

Will my employer know that I’m an Ambassador?

It’s up to you to determine your privacy level. You can be completely anonymous, create a pseudonym or upload your full resume. Purple Squirrel will never give any of your information to anyone, not even your employer. Only registered, verified users can search for Ambassadors and you’re always in control of the information on your profile.

Will my employer dissaprove?

If you use Purple Squirrel responsibly and follow our Ambassador Guide, your employer will likely be very happy that you're helping to recruit great people. We’ve found that the vast majority of CEO's, hiring managers and HR executives we speak with are excited about how Purple Squirrel can help their company’s hiring practices. Here’s why: 1) Your company almost certainly wants you to be more involved in recruiting and probably already goes to great lengths to get more referrals (e.g. referral bonuses, workflow apps, intrusive tracking software, etc.). 2) 46% of organizations have trouble sourcing enough qualified candidates. 3) Referrals are the #1 source of hires, in part because they arrive pre-vetted, are quicker to hire, they perform better and stay longer.

Can I use Purple Squirrel to look for a job, while I'm also an Ambassador?

Yes! Lots of Ambassadors also use Purple Squirrel to help them find their next job by connecting with other alumni Ambassadors as well as Ambassadors outside their alumni network. All you need to do is upload your resume (or a link to your LinkedIn profile) and your phone number. This information remains hidden from job seekers, but will be visible to any Ambassadors you book engagements with.

What advice can I offer?

There are lots of ways to help Job Seekers fulfill their career goals and find the best candidates for your company. Currently, you can offer informational interviews, access to unlisted jobs, resume critique, the opportunity to earn an employee referral, honest answers about the company culture/team, mock interviews, interview advice, and post-offer mentorships.

What if the candidate isn’t qualified?

Accepting an interview is not a guarantee of a referral. You should never feel pressure to refer someone who is unqualified or you believe won’t be able to get the job. When in doubt, don’t refer. No one benefits from putting unqualified candidates into your company’s employee referral system. The candidate probably won’t get very far in the interview process and, if you make a habit of referring poor candidates, you may earn a reputation for clogging the company’s referrals system.

Will the Job Seeker be able to see my name, phone number, or email address?

No. We are extremely serious about privacy at Purple Squirrel. We will never share your full name, phone number, or email address with the Job Seeker or any third party. All communications go through our system, which is designed to protect your identity. Job Seekers who make a booking will be able to see your first name, but no other personal information is provided.

What if I want my profile hidden or removed?

You can hide or delete your profile at any time, for any reason.

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" I work within the sales strategy team. I understand the hiring process within Salesforce and I'm happy to help fellow AIESECers ."


"I've been at Amazon for about a year and I know what it takes to get hired here. I'm always looking for passionate and driven people to join our team."


" I referred 9 people so far, 5 received a contract. The other 4 are still in progress. "


"I ran out of qualified friends and family to refer years ago, so I figured why not give Purple Squirrel a shot."

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